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Need help with your MicroPharmacy?
Read the MicroPharmacy Help Manual. Select the "HELP" button on the MicroPharmacy or click here to download a copy.
Choose Support Options
  (A) One Time Support $250.00
  (B) One Time Networking Issue $450.00
  (C) One Year Support, (up to 3 systems at one location) $1,500.00
Download appropriate support order forms.
  (A) Option A (One-time)
  (B) Option B (One-time, networking)
  (C) Option C (One Year)
Fax your completed support form to 1-212-214-0960.
Call MicroPharmacy Technical Support at 1-860-257-7540.

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Scanner Programming:
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MicroPharmacy Bar Cade Scanner Programming Sheets.
The Million Dollar Medical Office
Did you know that MicroPharmacy works with several medical offices that achieve product sales of more than $1 million per year? A number of these large dispensing offices have multiple MicroPharmacy checkout terminals to accomodate their constant patient flow and manage their 1000+ Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). With all the difficulties associated with third-party reimbursement more and more physicians are considering product dispensing as a profitable addition to their practice allowing them to continue providing medical care.