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Need help with your MicroPharmacy?
Read the MicroPharmacy Help Manual. Select the "HELP" button on the MicroPharmacy or click here to download a copy.
Choose Support Options
  (A) One Time Support $250.00
  (B) One Time Networking Issue $450.00
  (C) One Year Support, (up to 3 systems at one location) $1,500.00
Download appropriate support order forms.
  (A) Option A (One-time)
  (B) Option B (One-time, networking)
  (C) Option C (One Year)
Fax your completed support form to 1-212-214-0960.
Call MicroPharmacy Technical Support at 1-860-257-7540.

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Scanner Programming:
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MicroPharmacy Bar Cade Scanner Programming Sheets.
Walmart vs. MD
When it comes to retailing, it's not just location, but also efficient use of space that determines profitability. "Sales per square foot" is a commonly used metric to describe how good or bad of a job a retailer does. Can you map the retailer to the correct sales per quare foot figure?

 (A) Best Buy
 (B) Tiffany & Co's
 (C) Walmart Pharmacy
 (D) John Doe MD, Dermatology

Annual sales per square foot:
 (1) $ 1,462
 (2) $ 5,952
 (3) $ 930
 (4) $ 2,666

To find out if you are correct, email us at "[email protected]".