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How many products would you prefer to sell?

     Why sell one jar when you can sell dozens? Why ask patients to return to your office just to repurchase a product? Most won't and will switch to something else. Introducing AutoShipMD, a revolutionary new software application that let's you, the doctor, satisfy your patient's ongoing skin care product needs directly from your office. After scanning the patient's first purchase, it knows exactly when the patient will need more. With one mouse-click it creates the necessary documentation for billing a stored credit card, including invoice, packing slip, barcode and address labels.

     So instead of one purchase per visit, your patient will conveniently and continuously receive their skin care products timed to their needs. And unlike other autoship options, it's all under your control. With AutoShipMD, you have a powerful new tool at your fingertips. One that not only assures the patient follows your home care regimens but can also turn one sale into dozens and dozens and dozens...


> Sales: Predictable, recurring revenue on auto-pilot

> Budgeting: Set a predictable product budget and project sales and cost of goods sold (COGS) each month

> Inventory management: Planning inventory and fulfilment operations are more effective saving money

> Capture the RE-Sale (Keeps patients from Switching)


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